How to choose the best modular kitchen in 2022

How to choose the best modular kitchen in 2023?

Modular kitchen design – A new generation

Today’s residential space is incomplete without a modular kitchen. But designing a modular kitchen is not an easy task. It takes a real massive time to design, but modern interior designers take up this task with ease. Every interior designer has a special style in designing a modular kitchen. The modern kitchen is a place to enjoy the latest furnishings and technology. People also prefer the modern kitchen to be designed in a traditional pattern. Modular kitchen designs are usually factory-made, so planning them is very important.

Necessities of a modular kitchen

On the very first basis, every modular kitchen contains closed shelves with doors. A special area for storing groceries and vegetables is added to the modular kitchen design. All the utensils are stored in closed cupboards. A chimney is an important feature in a modular kitchen. The most modular kitchen maintains chimneys just above the stove. The other machines that fit into the modular kitchen are a dishwasher and a microwave, which have become mandatory in today’s modern kitchen. Spacey Interior helps their clients to bring out excellent kitchen interiors with their mind-blowing ideas.

Art of designing a modular kitchen

People need to decide on how they want their kitchen to be placed and spaced. The interior design of the kitchen is decided based on the size of the house. Some of the factors need to be analyzed before designing a modular kitchen. Here we go


One of the major factors to be analyzed is the space required for a kitchen space. An island kitchen is not a good choice for a small space while an L-shaped kitchen makes the room spacious. The layout needs to be discussed with an interior designer. Mostly go in for a U-shaped or an L-shaped layout.

Kitchen Furniture:

Next comes the selection of kitchen furniture. Every kitchen layout should either have a traditional or modern touch. The latest cooktop chimney is one such piece of furniture that every modular kitchen needs. Quite a several plug points are attached to the kitchen to add an excellent design touch to the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are to be designed at the lower level in most of the kitchen patterns. The pull-out drawers are the best choice for all kinds of people. A few pantry storages are installed at the top corners of the wall. The countertop height is evaluated to be around 820 mm to 860mm.

Material of the Furniture:

The materials of the furniture are essential for a kitchen. Usually, wood is chosen as the material for the cabinets and storage. Some other durable materials are MDF and HDF to avoid moisture. For the countertop, granite and quartz are used, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Add color to the kitchen:

A kitchen space needs to be bright and elegant. It is better to choose a single color or a combination of two colors. But never go in for multiple colors. The color choice presents the kitchen in a soft and serene way. Usually, an oily gloss finish paint is the best choice for the kitchen as the oils in the space can be wiped off easily. Light colors are a wise decision as dark colors attract heat during the summer season.

Lighting in the Modular Kitchen:

Lighting is a key aspect of a modular kitchen. Make sure that there is some natural light in the kitchen. One can go after high-shaded lamps, but it is better to have fewer lamps as they might generate heat. The basic tube light is yet another wise choice for a modular kitchen as it makes the kitchen bright.


One more feature to be tracked is the necessary ventilation in a kitchen. Interior designers usually design large windows for a good breeze, which is mandatory in modular kitchen design. The chimney is another way of the ventilation system which helps in letting out the smoke during cooking. The kitchen door needs to open into a wide space like a balcony or any huge area.

Safety in the kitchen:

Interior Designers usually design the kitchen with all safety precautions. The countertop edges need to be round and not sharp. They usually use slip-resistant tiles in order to avoid slipping as there would be a lot of usage of water and oil in the kitchen. The electronic appliances are placed near the switchboard. There should be enough space between the basin and the appliances.

Plumbing in the kitchen:

All the plumbing work needs to be designed comfortably. The taps should be well fitted and rust-free ones are the best options. The sink basin needs to be deep and wide as far as the utensils are considered.

Corner spaces:

Never leave out the corner areas as a design in the kitchen. Interior designers design kitchen spaces in such a way that there is no extra space left out. Every space is fitted with some equipment or some storage unit.

Kitchen triangle:

The kitchen triangle is a major portion to be analyzed while designing. The kitchen triangle is defined as the space from the stove to the refrigerator and the sink. This triangle should be made quite close enough so that there is no time waste.

Managing a modular kitchen

All the factors are very important to be considered while designing a modular kitchen in the year 2023. Spacey Interior has been in this field of designing modular kitchens for the past 10+years. They are experts in designing this space. They have designed it for more than 100+ homes with both traditional and modern styles. Managing a modular kitchen is an easy task with the modular kitchen designer in Chennai.

Importance of modular kitchen at home

Every woman in the house would like to have a spacious kitchen with the latest technology and extravagant interiors. They want a modular kitchen design intact with extraordinary colors. The woman of the house maintains the kitchen with utmost care and cleanliness. People usually say “The person living in the house’s dignity is based on the maintenance of their kitchen.” Contact Spacey today for Kitchen Interior Designing.