What Is The Difference Between Interior Design And Decorating

Difference between interior design and decorating

The difference between interior design and decorating

We all love to come back to a beautiful home. Who wouldn’t want a home with striking panels, the perfect centerpiece, complementary colors, and interiors that reflect our aesthetics? Though we all can find the inspiration we need to decorate and design our homes, not everyone is equipped with the cognizance for home interiors. Thankfully we have interior decorators and interior designers who can create Pinterest-perfect homes for us. But before you decide whether you need a home interior or a home decorator for your home, do you know the difference between interior design and decorating?

Interior designers -A boon to the interior designing world

In short, an interior designer is someone who understands the minds of their customers to create functional spaces within a given building. On the other hand, an interior decorator is someone who decorates, adorns, and furnishes a to meet customers’ aesthetic expectations. An interior designer can also be a decorator, whereas, an interior decorator may or may not be able to design.

The difference between interior design and decorating may seem inconsequential, however, in practice, the two niches ultimately decide how well the space in your home is managed and presented.

Knowledge and Planning:

The specific difference in skills is knowledge about planning a space, restructuring it when necessary, and overall physical layout, which is necessary to an interior designer; while, an interior decorator specializes in applying color theory and harmony knowledge to the interiors of existing spaces. If you need no structural changes, but need help with aesthetics–deciding on a style, choosing wallpaper, paint, and furnishings, selecting window treatments, and choosing lighting and accessories – an interior decorator can likely get the job done. For example, if you are thinking about getting a floor-to-ceiling glass window, it would be your interior designer’s job to ensure it is installed in a way that looks stylish and luxurious and fits with the room layout and furniture and styling that you want to end up in that space.

Colors add beauty to Interior design:

Designers may also be responsible for arranging and decorating the space inside, right down to the final accent pillows and desk lamps. For instance, a decorator might be working on projects where the primary goal of the work scope is furnishing, decorating, or decorating if you prefer, whereas an interior designer may be engaged in redesigning/proposing areas where interior architecture might better fit a family or desired space usage. An interior decorator often colors walls, hangs wallpaper, chooses and places furniture, installs window treatments, and adds accessories like throw carpets, lamps, throw pillows, and wall art to the room.

Role of an interior decorator

Interior decorators are experts that can help bring an entirely new look to an existing space. Hiring an interior decorator may be the right call if you want another set of experienced eyes to help translate your design inspiration into reality, or if you are looking to revamp a room but do not have time to tackle the task yourself. If you do decide to hire an interior decorator, be sure to pick someone who is trusted, someone who can offer a portfolio showing his/her past work, and someone who does not charge for the same level of experience that you would pay an interior designer. Experienced interior decorators from Spacey Interiors have expertise in paint, fabrics, furniture, window treatments, and accessories, and can give you great guidance in choosing color palettes, organizing layouts in space, and choosing items that will bring out the personality and style that your home needs to be yours. The Interior decorator should also take into account your preferences in color and texture. They should have a thorough knowledge of contemporary designs and the latest materials available in the market. As the growing market of interior decor expands, they should be able to offer you the best advice on what would be good for your home. A good interior decorator knows where they can source materials, furnishing, and accessories while strictly sticking to your budget.


If you are building a new house, adding on rooms, or making major renovations, you are going to want the experience and knowledge of an interior designer, whose main goal is to create a safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing living environment. Typically, the main role of the interior decorator is to enhance the aesthetics of a space, rather than getting involved with the level of structural planning that the interior designer would undertake. While interior designers are often qualified as well to do decorating and shape the aesthetic environments of the space, it is not usually their main role. In designing and decorating building interiors (something that interior designers do as well), interior designers generally possess good working knowledge of building practices and documentation requirements. They can confidently work with other designers and craftspeople to ensure the interior spaces they are designing are appropriately implemented.

Design services:

Interior designers are usually able to provide design services for a range of buildings. For instance, at Spacey Interiors Designers, we provide services for commercial interior design, residential interior design, hospitality interior design, and lots more. A good interior designer should be able to offer the best advice considering that interior design is almost permanent and a sizable investment. They should take into account the client’s preferences and aesthetics. For instance, if a client likes a rustic-looking courtyard within their home, the interior designer should be able to accommodate designs for the courtyard while making the most of the available space. An interior designer also has the right ideas to perfectly utilize every square inch within the home all the while making the space pleasing to the eye. An interior designer is expected to possess all the knowledge an interior decorator may have about home interiors and decoration.

Professional interior designing and its advantages:

All said and done, the difference between interior design and decorating is seemingly minor when you hire the right kind of people to do the job. Whether you hire an interior decorator or designer, a thorough professional can make your home the stunning masterpiece that it deserves to be.