interior design process

What is interior design process?

Architectural view of the interior design process

Interior Designing is one of the most common processes in today’s fast-moving technology world. Every household wants to be decorated with the best interiors and design it with various latest designs. Interiors are classy creations that decorate the space we live or use. They make the area sophisticated and classy. Nowadays, interior designers use a unique process to implement their interior design services by enhancing innovative ideas in a given space. Managing a vast interior design space is an arduous task, and interior designers take this up in various steps. The same steps and style are followed across every interior design company, whether it is a small project or an immensely vast project. Spacey Interiors are one of the best interior designing firms which follow ideal steps for designing an interior space with extraordinary ideas and implementations.

What is an interior design process?

The interior design process is a step-by-step process in the implementation of the ideas and concepts in a particular given interior design space. It follows a particular logical sequence, and every step is followed in order. By following this process, the clients and the interior designing team understand the design plan and specification with full concentration. The major job of the interior designer is educating the clients in a layman’s language so that they learn the interior design terms and designs.

There are a few major steps in the interior design process

  • Consultation
  • Programming
  • Design Concept
  • Design Finalisation
  • Project management and Purchasing
  • Delivery and Installation

Every interior designing company follows the above steps in various styles by completing the interior design of all the spaces.


The major and basic step of the interior design process is Consultation. An interior designer sets up a consultation time with the client to assess the project. This session is set up to understand the importance and necessities of the project. It is easy to reach a clear plan for the interior workouts.


It is the next step in the interior design process, one of the ideology steps. Designers follow a design or pattern while planning an interior of a space. A discussion with the client and with the other designer team is set up for clarifications. The designers come up with mind-blowing ideas and concepts that fit the interior designer space. They identify the requirements of the space and analyze the space constraints. They create the primary budget with the following necessities and a well-equipped architectural texture.

Design Concept

It is the concept development phase. This phase starts after the design document is confirmed by the client and the team. Under this phase, there are two subprocesses.

Ideation Concept Statement Ideation

It is an enormous process of putting all the brainstorming ideas into one concept. It is a thorough verbal sketching session and refines all the different schemes under one roof.

Concept statement

This brings out the concept of the interior design space. A few basic sketches of the space with primary design ideas on the sketch. The graphic enhancements is being indicated in this concept statement. A few relationship activity patterns are drawn for the design. This is how the main design comes about.


It is a sub-process under the design concept phase. The design concept is a necessity to be presented to the client. This presentation phase is a bridge to deciding the final budget of the design. The budget is decided based on the scale of the project along with its exclusive design ideas.

Design finalization

One of the main phases of the interior design process is the design finalization, which comes along with its budget. The floor plans, the elevation patterns, the wall designs, and the floor textures are finalized in this phase. The budget for the other requirements such as the furniture and other decors is decided in this phase. This phase has the final design documents and specifications for every area of the design space.

Project management and purchasing

This phase is one step before the final process. This is the implementation phase, where the team of interior designers executes the design according to the final plan. At every phase of the project, regular checkups take place. The interior designer team updates the log on the progress of the project. The challenges are taken care of by the team in this particular phase. They monitor the construction staff regarding interior design products.

Delivery and installation

The installation is the last and final phase of the interior design process. The furniture and the other decors of the interior design project. The window wrappers, the wood carvings for the doors, and the kitchen are all checked once. The installation of all the interiors are Before handing the project to the client, there is one such phase where one of the famous Interior design companies, the Spacey interiors specializes in the Post Occupancy Phase, this is a special questionnaire for the client to analyze the customer satisfaction. It is done so that the project is handed over on time.

The finale of the interior design process

Managing interior design is a herculean task. Nowadays, interiors designing companies use modern technology to design spaces with ardent and special innovative interiors. The interior designers follow the interior design process with full concept and analysis of every nook and corner of the space. Major interior design companies bring in the latest trends in this interior design process. The latest trends in the furniture and the interior decors are applied to different spaces according to their needs. The enhanced look is due to the proper planning of the interior design process.