modular kitchen design in tirunelveli

Best modular kitchen design in Tirunelveli

The tradition of trendy- aesthetic modular kitchen designs in Tirunelveli

One of the ancient cities in Tamilnadu is Tirunelveli, and the people of this city usually have old-style kitchens. In the last few years, the interest in interiors and decorative villas has grown among ordinary people. They decorate their households with enravishing designs. Especially the old-fashioned women now want a comfortable and easy manageable kitchen. Independent houses are located in and around the city of Tirunelveli, while apartments are significantly less in number. As this is one of the prime business-centered locations in the down South, the higher class people own numerous villas. So the best modular kitchen designs in Tirunelveli are based on the size of the house. Spacey Interiors is the best modular kitchen design in Tirunelveli for clients who belong to different classes under various budgets. Women make the kitchen their area of interest in the down South, so they expect a clean and classy kitchen.

Best modular kitchen design ideas by Spacey Interior

There are various styles of designing a modular kitchen. The techniques are based on the size and space available for the kitchen. The kitchen is designed with functional modules that are easy to use. A few of the best modular kitchen design ideas are

Making it straight

A straight modular kitchen is a simple pattern where the gas stove and the chimney, along with shelves, are placed in a single line. The view of the kitchen is designed in such a way that it is a straight line. The cabinets and storage units are placed under the gas stove area. It is a budget-friendly kitchen design.

Being parallel

The gas stove and the chimney are on one line, and the other storage cabinets and the sink area are a line parallel to it. This pattern is not a vast idea, but still, a few clients demand this pattern.

L-shape for us

The L-shape kitchen is the most sought-after modular kitchen design in Tirunelveli. This design makes the kitchen spacious, and a movable area is there. Along with the kitchen, a dining table is part of it. An extra storage cabinet can be designed.

U-shape for us

A U-shaped kitchen is also one of the premier kitchen designs. Every household follows a typical pattern kitchen. U shape is easy to maintain and manage. This design also makes up more space in the kitchen. The sink area is at one end, and the gas stove with chimney is at the other end. The shelves are long and broad to use the utensils easily.

Island at our house

A small island of the gas stove and the chimney resides at the center of the kitchen. The cabinet and the storage units are placed around this small island. The sink is, in turn, placed at one corner on the same level as that of the storage units.

Modular kitchen interior design finish

There is numerous modular kitchen interior design in Tirunelveli. They match the designs intact with the rest of the interiors in the house. People prefer to make their kitchens extravagant with the latest trendy styles. Please have a look at a few of them.

Traditional wooden finish

No matter what, the designs in a kitchen are made traditional as per the client’s requirement. Heavy kitchen cabinets are part of the kitchen design. The wooden cabinets are the best places for storing kitchen essentials. There are also corner storage units made of different wood as it decreases the space. Some luxury materials are used as part of designing kitchen furniture. It makes the kitchen classy with elegance.

Metallic finish

This finish is the style statement of trendy modular kitchen interiors. The kitchen storage cabinets are laminated with metallic styles with reflective materials adding a glamour quotient to the kitchen. Some contemporary metallic chairs and tables make the kitchen fashionable. The chimneys are also installed with a metallic finish.

Marble finish

Yet another modular kitchen style is the white or black marble finish. It gives a smooth look to the kitchen with excellent designer tiles and adds up luxury chairs and tables. The ceilings of the kitchen are decorated with flashy lights.

PVC finish

The stunning latest finish look to the kitchen is the trending PVC finish. It is the most affordable design in today’s modular kitchen designs. The storage cabinets are easy to install, and maintenance is reasonable. Another advantage of this finish is termite-resistant and water-oil proof. These are necessities in a kitchen. There are different vibrant colors in the PVC finish modular kitchen. The PVC option is also durable, and minor damage occurs to it.

Low budget finish

A few low-budget modular kitchen interiors are for affordable clients—the design at various rates. Planning is one of the significant aspects of a typical budget kitchen. Spacey interiors design these low-budget and simple modular kitchens in Nagercoil with ease and style. Of late, they are inculcating the same in Tirunelveli. A few of them are:

Small and simple modular kitchen

Modular kitchen designers keep it simple for small modular kitchens. Mostly a parallel or a single line pattern is taken into consideration. The storage options are also vast in size than extra addition fittings. Shelves and counters are tall in this pattern. Painting is made simple with a single color throughout.

Open cabinet options

A few of the options in storage are available cabinets, where doors and windows are not fit them. It is open shelf pattern, and easy to maintain.

Less budgeted materials

PVC materials and low-cost materials are used to design this modular kitchen. Cheaper wood is chosen for this modular kitchen interior design. Kitchen flooring is also made with vinyl and tiles at simple rates.

The modern world of the best modular kitchen in Tirunelveli

In today’s technology and artistic world, the modular kitchen has become a compulsion in small towns like Tirunelveli. As it showcases the modern trends of today’s world, it also helps women of every household efficiently manage the kitchen and its requirements. The contemporary world kitchen adds color to the home and projects a different view to the residential space. A modular kitchen is a science in the art that is a part of this designer world of 2022.