Modular Kitchen Colour Combination in 2022

Best Modular Kitchen Colour Combination

Modular kitchen as an important aspect

Colour is the elixir of life. Lovely colour combinations add beauty to the kitchen. The kitchen is an important space in a residential area. It covers the overall home space and brings the people together who live in the house. The kitchen creates a positive atmosphere in the house. Every kitchen is designed, with the utmost care with the best interiors. In today’s fast-moving world, the modular kitchen has become a trend-setting feature. More than two colours are applied to a kitchen space. Managing a modular kitchen is much easier when compared to a traditional kitchen.

Modular kitchen colour combination at its best

The kitchen colour choices need to be the best. Every client decides the kitchen choice according to the queen of the house. The trends of 2022 are wholesome when it comes to kitchen colour combinations. A perfect colour combination makes the kitchen productive and useful. So as mentioned this year, there are a lot of trendy colours that are back this year. The bright hues of yellow and the somber blue rule the colour world in 2022.

The Modular Kitchen colour combinations are decided based on the size of the Kitchen space. There are three various sizes. Whites or blacks usually form the base in a colour design. Here are a few sites that are considered for a kitchen space.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large.


A small kitchen uses a few colours than multiple colour options. Monochromes are the best choices made by interior designers for small spaces. A combination of black with white enhances the kitchen design making it classy and gentle. As mentioned earlier whites + any colour on the colour palette is yet another choice in this list. Aqua Blue soothers the kitchen atmosphere. Pastels are yet another trending colour choice for a small kitchen. An added advantage to this space is, that pastels make it look clutter-free.


A medium kitchen is neither small nor big, it is the right size. A grey kitchen is an ideal choice for this size of kitchen. It gives a metallic tone to the space. Some deep shades of grey are an enhanced choice for brighter kitchen spaces. Yellow is always the best choice for a kitchen it brightens the space and gives a vibrant feel to it. A belief of Vastu says a shade of yellow is an apt choice for the kitchen as it depicts the colour of Agni. Yet another shade of Royal Blue is another best colour combination for Kitchen. A matte finish blue is a trendy choice for a subtle kitchen. The rich deep shade enlightens the modular kitchen, and a choice for furniture, whites can be decided.


Blacks rule the large kitchen space. A black and black combination is a sleek choice and is equally expensive. One advantage of this combination is that it is an easy maintenance choice. Black along with the herringbone pattern is an excellent choice. Dark navy blue and white is also another best modular kitchen colour combination. This makes a stunning modular kitchen design. The dark and light shades create a balance in the kitchen space. Sophisticated subtle choices are beige and brown. Indians usually choose browns as it is a traditional modular kitchen colour combination. Wooden furniture is an added choice to this brown combination.

Triple love for modular kitchen colours

Let us have a look at some incredible modular kitchen designs. Certain clients prefer to have three + colours in a kitchen. Sometimes these colours create a new look to the kitchen. The modular kitchen looks outstanding on using a 3+ combination.

Red, Green, and Grey

A subtle choice of colours with a vibrant red is a stunning combination. The red enhances the brightness of the kitchen. Sparkling emerald green on the wall and grey on the cabinet and a red kitchen island is an ardent choices for the kitchen.

Contemporary White

White is always the common choice every client recommends. Interior designers usually choose this colour as this gives a calm and serene look to the kitchen. For an enhanced modular kitchen, the white cabinets and the kitchen triangle look stunning.

Pink Green and Grey

It is a spectacular combination where the cabinets are in pink colour. It has a metallic finish. A few lampshades are introduced to make a contemporary look. A vibrant vibe is how this modular kitchen design looks. Spacey Interiors, who are experts in modular kitchen design services, bring about this latest combination in their interior design work.

Green Grey and Silver

The olive green wall is an excellent choice on the wall. Adding plants to this wall gives an enhanced look. Along with this, the silver cabinets and the island kitchen grey makes the modular kitchen earthy.

Blue Gold and Copper

Shiny Shimmering kitchen is through this enchanting gold and copper colour. The accessories in the kitchen are chosen in a copper shade. The blue colour is filled on the cabinets and the kitchen walls are in blue as well.

Shades of Ocean

The shades of the ocean are also a choice for the modular kitchen. A serene beach effect is created in the kitchen which is the best modular kitchen colour combination. This shade creates a positive energy vibe in the kitchen. It also gives a feel of your cooking on the beach.

Retro Style Kitchen

The retro version combination is one of the best modular kitchen colour combinations in today’s design world. Interior designers choose based on the choice of the client. Tones of purple and pink are part of this style. Bright and fiery is how the kitchen looks.

Reaching one’s heart through the best modular kitchen colour combinations

As of 2022, the modular kitchen option has become compulsory in all households. Every household has a different perspective on colour. They want their kitchen to be the best in place. Interior designers design a modular kitchen with the utmost beauty and varied exciting colour combinations. A modular kitchen with ardent and fantastic colour combinations is a heart full of happiness. Spacey Interiors are one of the best interior design services firm that put in their creativity to bring out the best modular kitchen colour combination for their clients. They have been in the modular kitchen design services for a decade. They are pioneers in this field. The best way to reach a client’s heart is through the colours in his life.