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Best Kerala home interior design in 2022

Kerala home interior designs at their best

Finally, we are going to have a look at the interior design of the states which is famous for their ancient and traditional designs. Are we still thinking about it? It is also known as God’s own country. Yes absolutely right, It is Kerala. Kerala is a state that has the best interior designs. They use their traditional style to design the residential interior design spaces. Every interior designer in Kerala uses the old style pattern for designing the space. People nowadays like to bring traditional designs with modern and contemporary outlooks.

Interior design in Kerala after Covid

After the covid phase, the year 2022, has seen a lot of changes in interior design techniques and ideas. Designers have brought in new trendy changes that are especially in line with the covid lifestyle and its necessities.

Kerala and its traditional homestyle

Kerala’s weather condition is one of the important factors to be noted while designing home interiors. The weather in Kerala is humid. They usually have a huge southwest monsoon climate. The ventilations are designed according to the rain of the state. Wooden architecture is one of the most exotic designs in Kerala. Tall windows with extraordinary ventilation are also a beautiful design in Kerala. The traditional house usually denotes blocks in the houses called the Vadakkini, Padinjattini, Kizhakkini, and thekkini. These blocks are called nalukettu. The block structure differs from house to house. Few houses are ettukattu, padhinaaru kattu. The ancestral house that is built in generations is called a tharavad.

Here are the best Kerala home interior designs. Let us have a detailed look at the same.

Red oxide flooring

Usually, the Kerala-style home interior design is mostly done with red oxide flooring. A few houses use red oxide tiles as well for flooring. This is a traditional design and also increases the novelty of the house. People in the 1700s used this flooring after which this has become the in-thing in Kerala.

Wooden furniture

The wooden furniture is an ardent beauty to the living space in Kerala interiors. The wooden sofas along with the lovely vast wooden swing in the middle of the house are a typical Kerala interior. Recliners also bring beauty to the space.

Dining space

The dining space is yet another area where the huge sophisticated wooden table in a traditional design and with heavy wooden chairs. Huge French wooden windows bring beauty to the dining space. Carved wooden shelves are arranged for storing crockery and any required cutlery for home needs.

Bedroom space

The bedroom space is yet another room with wooden flooring and the bed is designed with huge wooden planks with traditional designs. The wooden wardrobes are vast in size and are in a dark shade of mahogany. It adds richness to the same. It enhances the bedroom’s beauty and ensures an earthy effect in a home design.

Reading space

Usually, a reading space is designed where light strikes the room. Also, a reading light with a traditional pattern is designed. A small wooden table with newspaper just like a sit-out is arranged with a heavy rocking chair is also designed. Some earthen pots are arranged to make a perfect solitude.


The staircase is an ancient addition to a Kerala home interior design. Every household has a different design with an artistic staircase and is also made of wood. The spiral staircase is chosen by a few clients for their home interiors.

Doors and windows

Usually, Keralite people love to have heavy doors and windows. They have an aesthetic value and they are carved with intricate designs. Nowadays, they have to trend intricate designs… Spacey Interior is the best of wooden doors with complicated and mural carvings.


The ancient traditional kitchen space is also carved with a wooden niche. The shelves and the modular kitchen are designed to be achieved. Interior designers bring the Kerala murals on the walls. And the kitchen island is also carved with wood. The latest chimney is also added to the modular kitchen in the latest trend.

Common interior designs in Kerala

There are a few common interior designs that usually interior designers follow. The general ideas in Kerala are common among many interior designing firms.

Roofing of Kerala:

The Keralites never go in for flat roofs. They select the sloping roofs due to the heavy rainfall. They are usually pitched roofs and covered with beautiful tiles. Clay tiles are used as the slopes where the water flows down easily on them. The roofs are usually red and also give a rustic look to the house.

Entrance of the house:

Padipura is the term used for the entrance of the house. They provide wood-carved front fencing and a traditional door and tiled roofed area. There are some creepers and flowers that are covered over the front fencing. They are usually in yellow or brown given earthern shading.

Porches and verandahs:

The Kerala traditional-style houses have porches and verandas which is known as poomukam in Malayalam. There are a small set of stairs that lead to the porches. A wooden artistic chair is placed in this place for relaxation. It can also be used as a small garden area.


This is called the parapets of poomukham, ie reaches the verandah. Carved wooden planks are used for this design.


Courtyards are also called nadumattum. This place is an open one and strong pillars on the four corners support them. Sometimes the pillars are carved with fantastic woodwork. They are allowed to be open upwards. The current trend they are designed with tiles and stones in the form of an indoor garden.

Ambal Kulam:

Usually, rich people from Kerala have a pond in their house, which is situated behind the house. This is an ancestral pond so that the women of the house have their bath in these ponds.

Stylish interior designs from Kerala

Kerala which is also known as the Land of Coconut trees has mind-blowing and excellent interiors that are still in trend with 2022. Spacey Interiors have also styled enormous Kerala-style interiors for their clients. Best Kerala home interior designs are the top interior designs in the year 2022. With the latest interior trending designs, anyone can opt for these styles of houses with their utmost interiors.