Interior Design Wall Paintings

Best Interior Design Wall Paintings

Interior design wall paintings – a new look and feel

Walls and Floors are the most important sections that have to be designed in interior design. Walls brighten up the design space in a building. Every wall makes a difference in interior design. Interior Designers give their best effort to select the best interior design wall paintings that suites the whole area. Once the wall is designed in a charismatic manner, the rest of the design is completed. Interior design wall paintings are vast in number. Many interior design companies give different choices to every client. These choices are client-oriented. Commercial interior design spaces are a challenge in interior design. Nude colors or very subtle options are a choice in a common space. When it comes to wall interiors, there are options as below:

  • Wall textures
  • Wall paints
  • Wallpapers

Interior design wall paintings – a featured outline

Here is a glimpse of a few features of interior design wall paintings. Deciding on what paints to choose for interior design space is very important. Some commercial interior design spaces need subtle colors and public-friendly paints. Some hospitality interior design spaces need light hues of shades. All this is considered into account with a few features necessary.


Washable paints are based under the emulsion category, which gives a glossy shine to the wall. The washable paints have high plasticity. The best option for washable paints is for a kid’s room in a residential interior space. The kitchen space is yet another space where washable paints can be applied.

Safe to touch

Due to the new normal lifestyle, Safe touch paints have become the most sought-after wall paints that interior designers recommend. There are no volatile compounds in these safe-to-touch paints. It also avoids bacteria on the walls. Kids room space is the best choice for these paints.


In the past years, wall paints had a peculiar smell. The smell has been removed, as it is an air pollutant and contains formaldehyde. The paints are applied in hospitality interior design areas, as it is non-allergic to people.


Interior design companies choose these wall paints for the new normal lifestyle after the COVID19. Using this interior design wall paint is the best idea as it removes the bacteria and fungi on the walls. It is applied in all interior design spaces.

Dust resistance

Dust is one of the disadvantages of living space. Every residential space has dust due to the pollution in today’s fast-moving world. This interior design wall paint makes the wall dustproof. It has a guard technology that avoids dust setting on the walls. Commercial interior design areas are the premier areas where these paints can be applied.

Flame spread resistance

On a general note, paints are inflammable, but the new trend of flame-resistant paints has been introduced to avoid damage during accidents. It is the best option in the kitchen areas in hospitality interior design spaces.

Eco friendly

These paints, do not have VOCs or other substances using chemical fumes. It is a choice that a client can make depending on his interior design space.

Humidity and weather resistance

Rain is a problem in humid regions, the humid water lies on the walls removing the paint spoiling its texture. Humid and weather resistance paints are the supreme picks recommended by interior designers.

Wall texture paints

Spacey Interiors resort to all the above features while choosing wall paint for their clients in their interior design services. They choose the most reliable wall paints and provide mind-blowing attractive wall painting ideas. They inculcate them in huge spaces of commercial and hospitality spaces.

Some of the wall texture paints for the interior spaces at different rates: 

  • Distemper paints
  • Emulsion paints
  • Enamel paints

Distemper paints

Cost-effective paints that whitewash walls in all residential interior spaces. It is safe for all as it can be discolored easily. The textured feel gives a rough finish to the walls.

Emulsion paints

This paint gives a rich effect with durability for a long time. A simple detergent wash is more than enough when using emulsion paints.

Enamel paints

Enamel Paints are expensive paints but are highly reliable and water-resistant. It is applied on metal and wooden surfaces.

Interior design paint wall attraction

The interior designers provide exclusive paints that give a wide variety of finishes that match the interiors of the rest of the space.

Matte finish

The matte finish paints provide a contemporary look to the interior space with a non-reflective finish. A velvet texture is seen on the walls.

Satin and egg finish

This finish is absolutely a new trend in interior design wall paints. Eggshell gives a smoothness to the walls. The best and wise choice for kitchens and restrooms.

Glossy finish

A glossy finished interior design space is an attractive feature for residential and commercial interior design spaces. More than one coat is required to give a long-lasting look. The glossy finish has an eye-catching element. Every painting needs to be selected based on the size and the position of the interior space.

Interior design wall paintings and their mood depiction

Serene and tranquillity

A calm and composed area with a blend of light colors like blues, creams is ardent paint quality. It brings out the subtle moods of the room. All the shades need to go with white as the base.

Playful and cheery

The kid’s play area has to be made cheerful. An energy-flowing color selection is required. Boisterous Orange and Yellows make the interior space attractive for the kids.

Dream and romance

Reds and oranges are colors of romance. They make the place intimate and create a privacy genre for loved ones.

Warm welcome

Some colors welcome you with love and warmth. The commercial interior design spaces usually prefer this kind of shade. The living area or the lobby of any office or Commercial spaces are painted with neutral shades.


Some creativity is natural when choosing colors. Interior Design companies fuel their imagination and design every region with the finest of shades to give an extravagant look.

Add color to your life

Interior designers plan the interior design wall paintings according to the interiors of the space. Spacey Interiors choose the most pleasing shades from the color palette from various interior design wall paint companies and provide them to their clients. Colors form a magnetism to any interior design space. The selection of colors and its blend with mesmerizing hues bring more people to the interior design space.