Interior design trends, Interior design trends 2022, Interior design trends in 2022

Interior design trends in 2022

Interior design trends of 2022 – Drastic view

Designers across the globe have inculcated new designs and hues of colors along with extravagant textures. Interior design trends in 2022 are an eye-catcher of the year. Each new interior design 2022 has a unique feature of its own. The changes in the interiors have been brought about in all the spaces such as the commercial interior space, hospitality interior space, and the residential interior areas. The major spaces are the commercial space and the home space. Every space is given an overwhelming finish with multiple variant features on the floor and the walls.

Here are top interior design trends which are useful for your spaces

A few general interior designs ideas for the year were the different patterns on the wall along with sculpted furniture giving the space a bright and radiant look. The mural designs give a typical traditional attire to the walls.

The hue of Colors

The colors yellow and grey depict the bright sunny weather and the Sobre cloudy weather of the day, bringing a charm to the room space. They express the message of strength and hopefulness uplifting the presence of the area.

Cottage core

Cottage core is another artistic interior design trend that showers the simplistic touch of glamour, giving a luxurious outlook to the space. The vintage motifs and the pastel finish to the walls and floors with the old British touch will keep the look grounded.

Contemporary – fiasco

The simple contemporary country looks for a broad and wide space. A blend of natural textures along with a cozy outlook of pastel shades on the walls gives a bright and gentle feel of the space.


Vintage brings the good olden days of our lives. The same interior design space makes the living and the drawing space ethnic. The statement lighting gives cs a rich and cozy outlook. Collecting vintage items and adding them to the interior design collection is yet another idea for interiors.

Earth Lovers

Earthy shades give a grounded look to the bedroom space. The bedroom space is completed with a mix of warm colors with a pleasant feeling. The darker the shade, the more the depth to the space. A very good option during the cold winters.

Global Features

The global styles adapted to the living space, makes us feel as if we have gone around the world in 80 days. The perfectly woven accessories from different parts of the world make the house a whole new world of experience to live. The unique and creative ideas in the world are brought to the drawing-room in a jiffy.

Serene Living

Calm and serene living space is yet another interior design trend in 2022, with the teal color on the background, the inky tones of blue in the sit-out area making a tranquil place to admire.

Classic Period

The 18th and 19th centuries are back to their phase, with antique elements as decorative ornaments. The classical geometrical designs are the major aspects of 2022’s interior design trends.

Vintage adoration

Chipped paintwork on the walls of vintage colors adds a time-worn opulence to the space. The faded fabrics and blemishes add charm to all the floors.

Golden age

The latest color palette of the year is the golden finish with different tones of beige moss green, earthy orange, and soft olive. The matt finish in the linen fabrics, with a soft resent touch, gives an overall engaging essence to the space. The exotic multifunctional furniture with full durability and quality makes us feel grounded to the floor.

Covered with elegance

Carpets make the major space in our living area. It has evolved a long way in the trends of 2022. For substance and the latest style, the floor-to-wall carpet is in trend. Different designer fabrics of carpets are the ones that designers use as a part of the interior design.

Formal Space

The office is always a focal point where everything needs to be made formal. Crisp and clear line patterns in office space, along with light pastel shades are the latest trends of interior design services. A focal light on the desk is the best choice in an office space. Comfortable chairs are another important aspect of an office. A black foam seat is a formal plan of interior design.


Soft and comfortable elements in a bedroom space make it warm and comfortable to rest and sleep with soft fabric. Luxurious interiors are one among the most sort after interior design trends. Modernism and art deco style make the room space a huge area to look at with a dropping jaw. It makes the space more spacious with eminent lighting and furniture.

Green Environment

Nature has also been added to the interior design trends of 2022. Placing plants at the right corners of a pace, gives lush greenery look to the space. Making it environment friendly for people to stay up.

Residential interior trends

Residential Interior designs are the most sought after by customers. Every residential space is a new dimensional space to design. Spacey is a firm in Nagercoil that provides the best residential interiors to its clients. The new trends in the residential spaces give a serene outlook. The blend of sober colors is a delight on the walls.

Commercial interior trends

Conceptualizing the commercial space is another service that they provide to their customers. They use the latest interior design trends of 2022 giving subtle colors to the wall with opulence. The attractive patterns and the vintage designs are also part of their enchanting work. We are one of the experts in analyzing commercial spaces. The carpeting is done from end to end in a commercial design area.

Hospitality interior trends

Hospitality Interior design is one of the toughest interior designs, but Spacey has made remarkable interiors for the hospitality industry. Furniture is add on to the hospitality regions, the vintage collection by Spacey makes it’s a visual treat client-attracting more visitors to the spaces.

The design brings color to life

Spacey Interiors are fabulous interiors covering the latest trends of 2022 from the color hues to the vintage furniture. The well-furnished space by them is a delight to watch. Their clients appreciate their use of patterns and zestful designs on the walls. Their floors follow the current color mix along with the wall paints.