Though being minimal is in trend, living in a small space is not easy. When it comes to metropolitan cities, most of the houses have built-in fewer square feet and they will be compact. Our expert in Spacey Interior designer in Chennai & interior designers in Madurai say that a few creative ideas can help you create a functional yet unclutter house to live in.

1. Nested Furniture

Imagine you have a few pieces of vanishing furniture which create space in your compact house. The nested furniture makes it happen. Creativity plays a role. Nested chairs, dinner tables, shelves and so on are available in the market and they can be customized as well. The congestion can be prevented with the availability of nested furniture. These kinds of furniture will save a lot of floor space which will help you to make use of the available space.

2. Convertible Sofas

A house which has a Dual Purpose Sofa that serves as a seater in the day and converts as a bed at the night saves a lot of space and helps the owner to ignore a spare bedroom for guests. They will be comfortable and the person will feel refreshed each morning. It will not be shown that it is a bed unless it is expanded. It will be a surprise for the family and friends when you change your sofa into a bed. As we all know the bed is one of the furniture which occupies most of the space in a house, these Sofa beds will help you to make use of the available space in a useful way. You will save your money by not putting your money and space into building a guest room.

3. Pull out tables furniture

In the modern kitchen pull-out tables and shelves plays a major role. It will create more working space and make your kitchen clutter-free. The pull-out shelves are a proven solution for storage issues. With the help of appropriate shelves, the pantry items can be stored in an organized manner. It will be easily accessed when necessary. Pull-out tables will create the space which a normal table occupies. Not only in the kitchen, in the living area, in the kid’s study room or any other room, especially for the current home office trend, but this will also be a most needed piece of furniture which will help you in creating a functional home office
in a limited space. Your house will look more spacious by using this type of table.

4. Use a bed to save space

If you are in a compact living space, beds with storage spaces and other functions will be a solution for space issues compared to normal frame beds. A bunk bed will be the solution if there is no room for an extra bed. The additional bed designed on top will give a modern look as well. A bed normally occupies a large area in a house. Many of us would have experienced having empty or unused things under the bed. Instead, we can create compartments and organise them to keep books, blankets, pillows and many other regularly used things and utilize the space effectively. Even a high sleeper bed with a built-in desk can be useful for
night owls who work or read books late in the night.

5. Ladder Chair

A ladder is a must-have piece of equipment in all houses but it will be ideal most of the time in a corner or the storage room. A small step ladder will be a helpful piece of equipment to have in every house. But converting a ladder into a chair will be a two-in-one option to have at home which can be used as a ladder when necessary and other times it can be used as a chair, instead of keeping a step ladder in the backyard

Trust us. This space-saving furniture will not only save your space, but it will be a piece of multi-use furniture as well. Live a comfortable life in a compact space with the essence of creativity in having space-saving furniture. Join Spacey Interiors to appreciate the functionality of these Space saving furniture. Call us to get to know more details on the same.