There are a few blind spots in a house which cannot be utilized effectively. The corner in the kitchen counter is one of the blind spots. Compared to all other rooms, the kitchen will often run out of space. Exports of Spacey Interior designers in Chennai & top interior designer in Madurai recommends utilizing all the inches to design a worry-free Kitchen and would like to share some thoughts about the MAGIC CORNER.

What is a magic corner?

The magic corner is the storage solution which is smartly designed to access that blind spot in every kitchen. It is one of the valuable inputs given to a modular kitchen for utilizing the available space effectively. While most of us will plan space for regularly used spices and cookware, space for rarely used cookware which will occupy more space will be a point to be conceded. The blind corners do the magic to optimise the space for these items. Let’s discuss more these magic corners.

Why have a magic corner in the kitchen?

If you wish to have a trendy, accessible and advanced kitchen with a properly designed storage system where the underneath of the cabinets are utilized properly in which the corners are organized to access smoothly when needed, then you need a magic corner in the

Magic corners take full advantage of the kitchen’s space. These square compartments fit conveniently in square cupboards and simplify to use of the items. You’ll have the option to see how basic and speedy these contraptions are to utilize. Since they have more movable parts, they are impressively bound to stall than normally built units, however, there is automated accessibility in that every one of the plates emerges simultaneously and you don’t need to physically stress on pulling anything out.

Creation of Magic Corner Cabinet Unit

Depending on your kitchen layout the size, design and cost of the magic corner differ. This kitchen corner is usually kept without any shelves and mostly filled with rarely used cookware. But it will not be easy to get those when necessary. It will be a dark spot. The Magic Corner slide-out mechanism assists you in getting those stuff easily when needed. Shelves will be mounted on the doors and walls of the magic corner. Typically two trays are connected in the door and two in the unit itself. Since the shelves are interconnected, when you open the door the inner shelf will be pulled out automatically for you to access like normal points. The external unit is associated with the screen when the doors open in a two step component, and the internal unit pulls out. Even you can place your regular used cookware since it is that easy to access. Be aware that the breath, depth, height and width of
the magic corner is a needed before finalizing a unit. A drawer can also be contained within if necessary.

The End Line

Knowing about a kitchen magic corner and how it works, you can decide further on it. A dark corner in your kitchen can be changed as a functional storage solution. In L-Shaped, U Shaped or in G-shaped kitchen layouts or any other kitchen layout which has a joint, the Magic corner will go along with it. Spacey Interiors can be your choice to discuss further. Dial us!!!