best granite for kitchen

Which granite is best for kitchen?

Choose the best granite for the kitchen

The kitchen space is where the Lakshmi of the house resides, according to Hindu mythology. Every woman in the house would love to maintain her kitchen space with the utmost cleanliness and sincerity. There are various materials to design a kitchen space. In previous years, the kitchen space was always in a traditional pattern, in recent times, people have started to show interest in changing a traditional kitchen to a modular kitchen space. The traditional kitchen is an open-type kitchen, while a modular kitchen is a closed model. The countertop of the kitchen has been designed according to the client’s needs. There are different materials to design a countertop for the kitchen. Some of the clients prefer marble, quartz, soapstone, and more. Few of them would prefer decorative laminations as well. A few interior designers design it with ceramic tiles as well. But the best granite for the kitchen makes a perfect modular kitchen design on a countertop.

Why granite for the kitchen?

Granite is the best material for a countertop as it delivers gorgeous aesthetics and also has good qualities. The granite countertop has a significant shine of its own and enhances the kitchen’s beauty and pride. Granite is also a popular material used for the interior design of a kitchen space. It has its advantages. Here are the reasons why granite needs to be used for the kitchen top. Spacey Interiors give quality interiors with quality and good ethnic granite collection for their home.

Tough and durability:

The toughness and durability of the stone are high and it comes to a diamond. One of the best qualities of granite is heat resistance. It can bear a high amount of heat. It can also resist chipping. Scratches and cracks can be also avoided for a good quality countertop. Another extensive quality of granite is the severity of the damage. Granite is used to avoid damage to wood laminations and soft materials.


Granite is chosen to be the best material to have granite as a countertop. The granite top needs to be properly sealed as it is heavy. This resists stains and bacteria. Cleaning granite is very easy. Soap and Water can be used to clean the countertop. It procures an excellent shine once cleaned well.

Home value:

Long Duration adds value to the home. People might use various materials but the retention is very less. Granite can be used for a long time and retains its durability. People who use granite have a higher value than other materials.

Long-term investment:

Usually, when the wood is used for a countertop, it needs to be replaced multiple times. Some occur in soapstone or quartz. Moreover, laminate counters are even weak when compared to granite. Long-run granite is also cost-effective.

Beauty to granite:

Granit has a vulnerable beauty and is shown on the kitchen countertop. It has a gorgeous appearance and adds aesthetic value to the kitchen countertop. There are various subtle granites from white to dark color granites. Each slab is unique and has innate color variations.

Best granite collection for the kitchen:

A granite collection has around 14000+ color variations to suit the modular kitchen platform granite design and also has an ethnic interior style. Some are classic fans of granite collections. They love to choose the best for their kitchen. There are some trending granite kitchen countertops


This tone is light-colored. Every tone of the granite acts as a finishing touch to the kitchen. From creams to white or even subtly colors like beige or greys. It becomes a classic kitchen on the whole. It looks cleaner and brighter. It blends with the other materials used for the interior design.

Matte finish:

The latest trend is the usage of matte finish granite stones. This is effective in the removal of stains and has a stain appearance. The stone is consistent to look at and has neutral and natural patterns. Despite all this, the granite does not lose its quality and has increased depth and richness.


As mentioned earlier there are various designs in the granite collection.No only plain granite, but there is also a granite collection with veins and patterns. There are contemporary designs with richness and natural color. People also have designed various patterns such as zigzag or straight patterns.

Colorful granite:

Other than the tones and patterns there are also enormous colors in the granite collection. Every granite collection is unique and extravagant. It gives a better shine to the kitchen area. Here are a few to look at which granite is best for the kitchen

Moon white:

The name says it all. This granite stone is a dull white color and has an ivory finish to it. There are slight n shades of grey and black as well.

Antico bianco white :

This is the best choice for a white granite countertop. This provides an antique and unique finish to the granite stone. There are small flecks of various colors on this white granite.

River white:

Yet another white granite can be chosen for a kitchen countertop. This has thin grey lines and a red and burgundy fleck on its base.

White ice granite:

This is also a white shaded granite. But there are a few shades of dark blue and grey giving a shiny quartz feature.

Black granite:

Black is an elegant color and adds a new feature to the kitchen space. Other materials used for the interior design of a kitchen can be wood. The TheMaghony wood goes well with the black granite. This is the simplest and best granite for a kitchen based on cost and design.

Red granite:

The red granite brings brightness to the Kitchen space. It has an ancient history where the Egyptians used them for their kitchens. The tones of the red granite are burgundy, maroon, and more to go on. A few red flecks on it give contemporary shine.

Green granite:

This is a stunning choice for a subtle kitchen. The moss green granite goes well with black metal cabinets and other interior designs. Usually, this granite has swirls and patterns the stone bringing more complexity to the stone.

Blue granite:

This color granite is a wonder in the kitchen. The minerals on the granite are evenly distributed on the base which flecks patterns. White flecks on the blue granite bring elegance.

Make your kitchen the best place with a lovely granite collection:

Selecting the best granite for the kitchen is an art. People choose granite stone according to convenience and budget. Spacey Interiors help their clients in choosing the best granite for the kitchen. They design the best interiors with ardent efforts and also give the most unique and mind-blowing designs to their clients. Hope this information has given you a wide knowledge of granites and to choose the best granite for your kitchen.

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