Pooja room wall unit interior designs for your home

Pooja room wall unit interior designs for your home

Enriching pooja room wall interior designs at home

Pooja room is an auspicious space in a household. Every client would like to make it elegant and calm. This space holds the serenity of the house. No Indian house is without a pooja room space. The smallest of the smallest house has a space allocated for spirituality and faith in God. In rural areas, there is room for pooja and holy rituals, but in urban cities, considering the size of the house, they allocate a small area in either the living space or the kitchen service space. The pooja room wall unit interior designs with bright and elegant patterns. Clients prefer the pooja room to be designed according to the Vastu.

Welcome your home with pooja room designs

Pooja room wall unit interior designs are made either with wood panels or any other material. They help in making the area look bright and beautiful. There are various ways in which a pooja wall unit can be designed. An elaborate three-storey pattern or a simple wall tile pattern is enough to make the pooja space look heavenly. A few houses also prefer a temple-style pooja unit with enhancing pooja room wall unit interior designs for your home There are both traditional and modern styles. But there are some traditional aspects in modern outlooks. Spacey interiors designs traditional pooja room wall unit interior designs with all latest interior design ideas.

Factors affecting pooja wall interiors

There are a few factors that are required to analyse while designing the pooja wall units. Designers need to check on the below :

Size of the pooja unit:

The cost of the pooja wall unit is based on the size of the unit. The bigger the pooja space, the larger the unit, while for a smaller area, a single-piece pooja wall unit is more than enough.

Materials required:

The materials are also based on the client’s decision. Wood is the most chosen material for an intricate pooja unit, much costlier than glass or jaali or plywood. When it comes to some, granite or marble is the choice.


Every design needs a proper finish that enhances the beauty of the pooja room. The finishing can either be in acrylic or PU paint finish. A few of them would like to have a membrane finish which is a little costly when compared to other finishing.

Customized design:

Some clients would like to have their pooja room space designed according to their needs and taste. Designers inculcate the best of the choices by adding all kinds of materials such as wood, and marble. Also, the space of the pooja unit is decided according to the client’s expectations.

Pooja wall interiors at your door step

Numerous interior designs for pooja room wall unit are available in today’s artistic world. Let us have a look at a few of them where every part of the above requirements is covered.

Yellow – an auspicious trend:

Usually, people choose yellow for their pooja wall units as this is an auspicious color. It also enhances the brightness of the space. Sometimes yellow, either in a matte format or in a golden shade is chosen for this design. The shelves and also the background is chosen to be yellow.

Wall mount temple style pooja unit:

This is the most common type of pooja unit. The size of the temple design can be large or in a smaller size. The temple can be designed in marble or in wooden with the most intricate designs. This temple-style pooja unit is mounted on the wall and easy to maintain.

Stone cladding pooja unit:

Stone cladding on the walls of a pooja unit is an enchanting idea for an extravagant finish. There is a soothing effect in contrast to the wall colors. There are various stone finishes for this cladding kind of design uniqueness. This is also the most sought-after design for the pooja wall unit.

Pooja units with designed glass doors:

A few high society people love to have their pooja space to be sophisticated and excel. The intricate etching of the designs on the glass doors brings a love for the pooja unit. Every space is managed well and this can be a wall-mounted unit. Some people also love to encrypt slokas on glass doors.

Wall etched pooja unit:

Optimization of space is very important while designing a pooja space. The compromise on space is an area in this kind of wall etched space. The pooja unit is built up on the wall with elegant designs. They prefer white for this kind of design.

Marble unit:

Designing a pooja wall unit with marble is a tough task. But this is the most enduring substance that people usually prefer in the design of a marble pooja space. If the flooring is marble, then the pooja unit with marble temple style or as a marble wall etched kind. The maintenance of this unit is easy.

Standalone pooja unit :

The standalone pooja unit is one single storage kind of unit where the idols are placed in layers or on the shelves of the unit. This is chosen based on the spatial orientation of the pooja unit.

Pooja wall unit with CNC patterns

This unique design engaged in planning a beautiful CNC pattern on the wall space of a pooja unit. These can be beautiful backdrops for the pooja room. The lighting is also connected and enhances the beauty of the space. Some of them leave behind only the CNC pattern on the wall and perform their prayers to it.

Pooja room unit wall interior designs with unique lighting:

Some clients prefer to add full lights to the pooja unit. The lightings make the unit even more bright and enduring. We can add lights on the ceiling or also add panel lighting, and some recessed lights as well.

Wooden pooja wall unit:

The wooden pooja wall unit has a small wooden door with jaali designs and also a small cabinet to place the pooja items in it.

A successful household with a divine pooja room

Every household would like to have divine pooja space, and one can choose some of the above designs. The home is a heavenly space and the pooja room makes it even more divine. Selecting the most admirable and matching pooja room wall unit interior designers is important. Spacey Interiors, the famous interior designers in the South have been designing beautiful special and exquisite pooja wall units for their clients. The pooja space also makes the family gather for occasions and celebrate the festival with love and affection.