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Classic interior design styles to know now

Interior design styles: An important articulation

Interior designers have their style of creativity and innovation in their designs for clients. The digital world has brought in new techniques and ideas for designers to pitch in their fantastic creations in various methodologies. The overall finishing of an interior designer’s work lies in the style of an interior designer. The concept of interior designing brings art in a fluid and subjective pattern. Articulation of the vision of a client’s design in real is the work of an interior designer. Designers take great efforts in bringing the client’s vision with care and perfection.

A vivid look at the interior design and its styles

Interior Design Styles are enormous in number but these styles suit particular home interiors. The design styles include furniture, lighting, wall colours, false ceilings, and also decorative wall pieces. Some also choose to design murals for their clients. Designs chose extravagant colours to decorate the house making it bright and enchanting. Here are a few types of interior design styles that you need to know. Evert style has a positive vibe to it and endures the designs for a larger period.

Traditional interior design style

This traditional style is the most chosen design style in the world. People go in for this style as there would be the most wanted and easy to manage. But this is a usual common style. The furniture is simple and the colours are from the basic style pallet. Some of the articles are based on the old world. Every part of the design is rooted in the traditional pattern with a meager interior design cost.


This style is unique and utterly different from traditional patterns. The style has a modern aspect to the overall concept. The furniture and the colours are extremely delinquent. On a large scale, people from cities and urban places who have a modern lifestyle prefer to have modern interior design styles for their houses. They make the house elegant and subtle.


Transitional elements are usually a mix of both traditional and modern styles. This gives semi-urban look to the interior design space. This style is the best choice to blend two interior design styles. There is a balance and mix between two intense designs and it gives warm look to the space. A full-fledged relaxed feel is what you get out of this transitional interior design.

Rustic style

Natural flavors on the walls and the flooring is an atomic change in the whole interior space. Wooden finishes give the rustic look and feel. Some also use leather for a sophisticated finish. Beautifully designed items mostly in brown colour are the choice for rustic interior design. Managing the wooden style is a little on the difficult side.

Coastal interior design

The name suits the design style. More blues and light shades of green on the carpets are the barest choices for a residential interior design style. All these are beach house elements. It provides an elegant look to the overall setup of the house. The furniture is white like the waves of the ocean. It has a contemporary touch to the interior style.

Scandinavian style

This is indeed a low-key design style with sober greys and whites. The overall outlook of the interior design space is elegant with subtle interest. The textures and the tones of the interiors are vulnerable. There is a balance of edited mix of elements in everything that we design. Colours are Sobre and effects on the walls the flooring.

Industrial interior design

It ensures a masculine environment in the space. Metallic patterns are the source of industrial design. A few raw wood materials, metal frames, and rich dark colours increase the attitude of the room. Bookshelves with metal finish bring a structural outlook to the inspiring space. This suits a commercial interior design space.

Mid-century modern style

This enchants the space with its steamy patterns and designs. The colours are also a little darker in shade. Luxurious wood is used as one of the major decors in the mid-century style. Sliding doors and windows are a new trending addition to this emphasizing style.

Farmhouse design

A farmhouse is usually a space where people relax during their weekends and spend time with their families. Such spaces are designed with light colours. Pastel shades are the most trending archives of this design. Wooden panels and also sleek lighting is the best choice for the design. High roof spaces are the options for a farmhouse as there would be a heavy breeze and a cooling effect.

Shabby design style

Every house would fit in an enchanting style acquiring all the feasible patterns and styles. This also enhances the vintage style in a modern way. Whites are the most chosen option for a shabby pattern. It is a feminine pattern, unlike the industrial design. It also mellows downs the harsh points of the room. There is not much of a rustic vibe to the space.

Southwestern pattern style

Though these patterns are all international styles, they can be very well fitted to Indian homes. Spacey interiors help their clients to fit and style their homes with international design with international quality. Red Terracotta and also rustic iron work is one of the ultimate favorites of this style pattern. Though shades of yellow are one of the most chosen, there are other rigid shades that the colour palette chooses.

Client’s heart to interior design

Any kind of interior design style is chosen, it depends on the interior designer’s innovation and creativity to place it at the right corners. Choosing the correct colours and also giving full justice to every design and style. Metallic decors or wooden decors are to be placed in the correct space. Sophisticated patterns on a vast space and intricate completions with enormous lighting are among the trending patterns. Spacey-  Interiors Designers in Chennai, one of the leading interior designing firms in the down South has been satisfying its clients with all the national and international interior design styles. They always make the clients by making imaginative designs into real offers in front of their eyes.

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