Best interior design packages in Kerala

Best interior design packages in Kerala

How much does interior design cost in Kerala?

Every interior designing firm has introduced trending packages for the enhancement of their creative ideas. Clients who love to bring in a change in their household can choose interior designer packages. The advantage of interior design packages is the reduction of cost and usage of quality materials in all spaces and their interior designing packages in Kerala. There is a uniformity in interior design packages. Not all firms offer this kind of package.

Kerala’s interior designing packages

A few well-known designers offer these packages as a new edition of interiors. Kerala, God’s own country is famous for its enormous ancient interior designing techniques. The latest style is to bring in changes in a space with modern techniques and implement traditional designs. They involve in every part of designing and decorating a place and provide satisfaction to the client.

Every design team discuss with their teammates to make a proper interior designing package which includes all aspects. The colors that are chosen need to match the furniture and the other decorative items of the spaces. This interior designing packages is applicable not only for residential interior design spaces but also for commercial and official interior design spaces. The clients usually prefer interior design packaged for official spaces to bring uniformity to the space. Interior design cost in Kerala ranges start from Rs 3 Lakhs to Rs 12 Lakhs according your desired interior designs.

Requirements for designing package:

A lot of Interior designing firms offer different packages according to the expectation of the client. So every package is based on the required changes and also the amount allocated for the design.

Here are a few requirement samples of interior design packages that are normally chosen,

Allotment of services:

The interior design package should include the areas that are to be designed. The designs should cover

  • Modular Kitchen
  • Wardrobes
  • Crockery units
  • Entertainment unit
  • Home Decors
  • Study tables
  • Paintings
  • False Ceilings
  • Furniture and its accessories
  • Quality

These requirements are for a residential interior design space.

Delivering it on time:

Delivery of the overall project needs to be done on time. The whole design and its final product is the ultimatum of the project. This is usually signed with an interior design contract with a timeline and all the inclusions.


Every part of the overall project is given a stipulated time window. The completed parts of the package are checked from time to time.

Package comparisons:

The package options have two to three choices. The packages are decided on the options that the designers provide. They are divided into three types:

The most expensive:

This is the dream package by the clients where all the highest and the best options are provided. The inclusions are full on as given above. They have the best choices in the options.

In between :

This is the mediocre choice that is usually within budget. The choices become lesser but still on the higher note so that there is no slippage in the options.

Least expensive:

This has minimalist options and the budget is also less enough so that the client can afford it easily.

Demo service:

The client usually gets a demo service of an interior design. They have a small agenda like what is placed where and also a small description of the new additions.

Choosing the best package:

Interior Designers name their packages differently with budgeted costs. Interior designers in Trivandrum have a variation for every package. They bring in the best traditional ideas in a modern way. They have various inclusions according to the client and their requirement. In the highest variation, they finally set the house for their clients and make them neat and clean. A few firms offer the option of customization of packages, and Spacey Interiors are among them.

Have a look at a few samples:

Let us give them enchanting names as per the interior designing packages in Kerala.

Elite Diamond:

The highest package usually is chosen by high-profile clients. Let us take an example of a 3 BHK residential space to analyze the interior design plans and take on. The inclusions in this package are:

  • Change of TV unit in the living room along with Sofa and center table
  • Furnishing the Wardrobes in the bedrooms
  • Installing new stylish dressing units in the master bedroom
  • Re spacing the loft in the wardrobe areas
  • Enhancing the kitchen and changing it to a modular one
  • New chimney – a complimentary
  • Adding new curtain rods, and toilet accessories
  • Installing a false ceiling in the living space
  • Designer lights in specific areas
  • Well-painted murals or any new age paintings on the wall
  • Shoe racks at the foyer as a complimentary package
  • New shining set of Crockery units in the kitchen and the dining space.

It has an acrylic premium finish. The designers usually charge according to the quality of the product and the wood that is chosen . the woodwork. The interior designing cost of this package is high. The interior design cost is approximately 8 lakhs to 12 lakhs.

Deluxe Platinum:

This is the second variation in the package chosen, which is lesser than the highest package and is affordable for the clients.

  • Installing the TV unit and sofa and center table in the living area
  • Furnishing new wardrobes in the bedrooms
  • Stylish dressing unit in the master bedroom
  • Designing a modular kitchen with crockery wardrobes
  • Chimney installation is a complimentary option
  • Housekeeping work
  • Wall mount study in the study area
  • Interior designer lights in only two selected spaces
  • Puja unit installation in the dining space.
  • Design advice.

It is a glossy and matt finish that the designers suggest. There are other options as well. The interior design cost is approximately 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs.

Economy Gold:

It is the least chargeable package. It is affordable to all the clients in the cheapest way. Here are the inclusions

  • Installing TV units in the living area
  • Styling wardrobes in the bedroom spaces
  • Installing modular kitchen in the residential spaces
  • Toilet accessories and curtain rods
  • Study tables in the study area
  • Chimney as a complimentary.
  • Design Advice

It is a normal glossy finish. This package has the least usage of materials and spaces within the stipulated amount. The interior design cost is approximately 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs.

Happy client through interior designing:

Interior design firms decide their package utilities. The designing firms offer the best package to their clients and make them happy. Spacey interiors are one such firm, has been offering the best interior design packages in Kerala after their journey across South Tamil Nadu. Choosing an interior design package is a wise choice when compared to a separate space of design.