Interior design checklist

Interior design checklist

Home interior design may be daunting if not properly controlled and tracked. We have seen individuals make foolish mistakes when it comes to house interiors, so it’s critical to carefully plan, track, and oversee the entire process. Poor planning and project management may quickly push you over budget and cause the entire home interior project to be delayed. And, as we previously stated, even skilled interior designers miss some of the most important details from time to time. As a result, Spacey devised a thorough interior design checklist to assist you in planning, preparing, and tracking progress while remaining within the predetermined budget for the entire home.

In Spacey Interior, we feel, is much more than just outstanding utility and stunning aesthetics. We want your home’s interiors to be a reflection of who you are. Your house should be a place where you and your family take pride and enjoy spending time. Our efficient, personalized home interior designs take into account your demands in every corner and cranny of your house, ensuring that your space fulfills all of your needs. Our skilled home interior designers work diligently with you to create the perfect interior design plan by combining your style with their design experience. Complete home interior design projects may easily cost lakhs, and if you don’t have a budget in place to design, decorate, and equip your house, you’re more likely to buy on impulse and spend a lot of money.

How do colors offer happiness?

Colors offer happiness to our black-and-white existence. When everything is painted in various and contrasting colors, it appears bright and intriguing. Changes in the Indians’ mood and behavior are comparable to how music affects people’s moods and behavior. You may use a variety of colors to represent life and pleasure in your home as part of the interior design aspect. Every color in your room should exude vitality and glitz. No one wants a drab space with fading décor and dreary wall colors.

End-to-end interior design is a large-scale undertaking that entails a variety of tasks. And it’s natural for you or the interior designer to overlook or overlook anything that’s critical to a space’s comfort and efficiency. You must first decide on a budget and timeline before beginning the building process and design phase. This will assist you in determining what you can afford and how soon repairs must be completed.

Cost Factors

The cost of the property, local fees and taxes, house construction expenses, landscape charges, interior decoration, closing cost fees, and design and engineering fees are all variables that go into determining your budget. The next step is to locate the property on which you will construct your custom house. If you can’t find your own, most custom house builders will offer properties for you to pick from. Construction financing will also be required. Make a list of your preferences and put them in order.

  • What aspects of your life are distinctive, and how will you incorporate them into your home?
  • What kind of design do you want? (Is there an open floor plan? Are there closed rooms? Is there an entryway?)
  • What structural features are you looking for in your home?
  • What are your own tastes in terms of fashion?
  • What unique characteristics must be included?

Modular Kitchen

Expect a modern modular kitchen interior design that combines functionality and elegance to make cooking a pleasure.

Decor Accessories and Furnishings

Find everything you need to complete your interior design, from the correct furniture and textiles in a variety of colors to a wide range of house interior décor items that dress up your area.

Wallpaper and painting

Make a statement with Signature Walls that reflect your genuine personality. We make sure you have everything you need for your home decor, from intriguing hues for an accent wall to gorgeous wallpapers for your bedroom.

Modular Wardrobes

For a trademark wardrobe, choose the appropriate size, the ideal form, and a stylish style.

Let check out some checklist for interior design:

Interior design checklist for the kitchen

  • Cabinets and shelving in the kitchen
  • Unit for the pantry
  • Tiling on the walls and floors
  • Countertop in the kitchen
  • Under the counter storage cabinets
  • Appliance cabinets/racks, such as chimneys, water filters, dishwashers, microwaves, and refrigerators
  • In an open kitchen, a serving counter is generally required.
  • A kitchen sink is a must-have item.
  • For an open kitchen, proper lighting and ornamental lights are required.
  • Exhaust and a wall-mounted fan

Interior design checklist for master bedrooms

  • A wardrobe that hangs on the wall
  • Mirrored dresser with storage compartment
  • Headboards and side components for the cot (storage space optional)
  • A study unit is a useful addition to any bedroom.
  • Near the study unit, there is a bookshelf.
  • Depending on the requirement and available space, a couch and sofa or a sofa with a bed can be used.
  • It’s possible that the television unit will be optional.
  • Bedside switchboards for lights, fans, and air conditioners, among other things

Interior design checklist for the living room and dining room

  • Crockery for the foyer
  • Cabinet for shoes
  • TV Stand
  • Unit Pooja Tables/tools and a center table for the sofa
  • Table and chairs for dining
  • Stools and bar unit

Interior design checklist for bathrooms

  • Mirrored storage rack
  • Designer washbasin with or without storage beneath
  • Shower divider
  • Towel racks and hangers, hooks, and faucets, It’s possible that tiling and flooring aren’t required.

Interior design checklist for electrical works

  • Switchboards can be added or replaced as needed.
  • Adding an extra plug point, for example
  • Lighting cable for the ceiling
  • All rooms include outlets for appliances and accessories

Interior design checklist for decorating and furnishing

  • Hooks for curtains
  • Curtains
  • Chandelier
  • Stand lights by designers
  • Figurine
  • Installation of fans, air conditioners, and geysers, among other things
  • Cameras and main door security systems

The construction process does not have to be difficult. We at Spacey improve the building experience with outstanding communication and customer service at Designer Homes custom house builder. As you build your custom house plan, one of our interior designers will collaborate with you every step of the way. We enjoy building one-of-a-kind houses and have never constructed the same one twice. This is due to the fact that we have never encountered the same family again.