Types of Commercial Interior Designs

Different Types of Commercial Interior Designs

Trending Commercial Designs

Trending commercial designs for the year are varied in number. Designing a commercial space is an art. The common places are vast in number and need to be catered according to the public interest. Commercial buildings are usually wide spaces where spatial analysis is a major requirement. Floors and walls are designed according to the type of commercial interior requirement. Professionalism is part of the interior designs in these spaces. In the past, people have learned to enjoy well-designed spaces with interest. There are several types of commercial interior designs for the year 2022.

Factors for Commerical Spaces

A commercial building has a few compulsory factors that need to be considered while designing. A few of them are listed below:

  • Installation of CCTV and security systems in the space
  • Provision of fire Safety wherever required
  • Installation of IT equipment in all commercial spaces
  • Moving Services for the commercial space

Categories of Commerical Spaces

Commercial interior spaces are categorized into different types. The public uses the commercial spaces with all facilities just like their own home. A few of the commercial entities are listed below:

  • Medical Centres
  • Hospitality
  • Leisure
  • Educational Spaces
  • Banks and Financial centers

Unique Ideas of Commerical Designs:

All the entities are designed in their way with their required interiors. There will not be any repeats in these commercial interior designs. Modernization is the major change in today’s commercial buildings. So bringing in modern culture through a traditional method is the latest trend in interiors. Bringing in different patterns and varied shades and hues in a commercial building is the latest style in today’s fast-moving world. Some modern trendy designs for a commercial interior space are:

Black and White:

Deep tones of black and white in a commercial space make it look professional. Some high charcoal ideas on the floor with tinted grey tiles are another new commercial design for the year. The shades are dark and deep, mixed with white and ivory, which creates a balance.


Geometric patterns are a part of our living style. The shapes of a geometry show uniqueness which reflects the space of the commercial building. Designs of walls and floors are based on geometrical shapes. It gives a lasting impression to the public. The look and feel of a commercial lobby are varied by adding geometric patterns.

Furniture for Commercial Places:

Adding furniture for commercial areas is one of types of commercial interior designs. They provide beauty and comfort to the space giving a modern outlook on the whole. Modern furniture is an added advantage to the commercial space.

A unique combination:

Another trending type of commercial design is quirky designs to the wall and the floor. Zig Zag floor tiles give a bizarre look. It also provides an attractive look to the audience. Nowadays, many shopping malls go ahead with the quirky look and feel. The public appreciates this kind of heavy design.

Dual Designs:

Any furniture or an entity in commercial interiors are dual purposely designed. For example, an office lobby chair gets converted to an employee chair as well as per the cost budget of the design. Cost-budgeted furniture for interiors is one of the major advantages of the dual design.

Ecology in Interiors:

Photovoltaic glass is one of the latest design trends that involves ecology. Solar energy is incorporated into these glasses to generate energy for the space designed. Eco-friendly designs have become trending in larger commercial spaces.

No Isolation:

Among designing commercial office spaces, collaborating with two or more interior designers is an artistic way of saving space. Usually, in an office space, the workstations are designed in such a way that they are close-knit than being far apart. Work station designs are based on panel placement.

Portraying Commercialism:

Interior designers elegantly portray commercial designs. They use varied ideas in establishing a successful commercial space. The commercial space is diversified based on the usage of the space. Here are a few

Traditional Designs:

The interiors are designed based on historical importance and are given an ancient look to the place. The old designs are classy and make the place bright and vibrant. The colors for the walls are made simple and bright as a traditional pattern. Browns are a tradition that is used for both furniture, flooring. It holds a professional look for the commercial area.

Modern Designs:

Hotel Lobbies, Office spaces are one of the major areas for modernization. Commercial designs are classy ideas for commercial shopping complexes. Nowadays, commercial ideas are bringing in technology and the latest advancements. A simple tea cozy for an interior with a trendy color combination gives a cheeky look to the space. Moreover, the trend is inculcating modern designs in a traditional style. Most commercial buildings bring in modern furniture and flooring patterns. The public loves to experiment with modern times than traditional times.

Industrial Designs:

The industry is a uniform commercial space where only regular interior patterns are followed. Dividing a vast space into special required parts is important in industrial commercial designs. Natural lighting is chosen for industrial spaces along with proper aesthetics for overhead lights.

Artistic View of Commerical Interiors:

Every commercial space has its significance. Every hospitality area or be it a huge shopping complex or an office space is typically public-oriented. It is designed based on the taste of the public and also on the brand value of the space. Interior Designers stick to the designs of the commercial ethics by adding appropriate furniture and exciting wallpapers. Few commercial plans are modern art on walls which makes the place interesting. Most of the spaces follow the color code.

Commercial Interiors- a necessity

Spacey Interiors has designed several commercial spaces with extravagant designs catering to the public. Their designs are intricate that every part of the space innovatively depicts their brand. Moreover, types of commercial designs change every year according to the trend of the year. Spacey team has designed the majority of the commercial buildings in the south of Tamil Nadu. They have distinct designs for every commercial space and they make sure that they meet the needs of the client’s choice.