Spacey Interior's Kitchen Partition Design


A kitchen partition Design refers to the layout, arrangement and separation of spaces within a Kitchen area. This partition is done with your kitchen to separate different functional areas, like the cooking zone, dining area, living area or storage space. The main objective of this design is to optimize the space while maintaining an aesthetic & functional balance. Read this blog till the end to get a perfect idea to create the best  kitchen partition designs. 

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Kitchen Partition Designs Between Living & Dining

When it comes to Kitchen partition designs between living and dining areas are architectural elements that separate these spaces. Spacey’s expert Residential Interior Designers will help you to create partition designs that suit your kitchen. Spacey’s partition  features include glass partition, sliding doors, or even open shelving units to delineate the areas while allowing light and a visual connection to flow through. The design choices depend on your preferences on privacy and aesthetics.

Different Types of Partition Designs for Kitchen

As we discussed earlier, the Choice of partition design for your kitchen will depend on different factors such as your preferred level of openness, available openness, available space, the overall interior design and how you plan to use your kitchen and adjacent areas

Glass Partition Design

A Glass partition design involves the use of glass panels to create separation between different areas. Glass partitions can be transparent, frosted or even textured, based on your privacy and visual connections. They are mostly used in Residential and Commercial interior designing to create a sense of openness and natural light distribution.

Aluminum Partition Design

Aluminum Partition Design uses aluminum mostly. This design might include aluminum profiles, panel layout, coatings, glass or other materials, and aesthetic appeal. The design can be basic and streamlined or elaborate and decorative, depending on practicality and aesthetic.

Jail Design for Partitions

Jain Design for partitions involves creating secure and controlled spaces using specialized partitions suitable for correctional facilities. These partitions are designed to prevent unauthorized movement, ensure inmate safety and provide effective security measures.

Wood Partition Wall Design

Wood Partition wall design refers to the planning and arrangement of interior dividing structures made primarily from wood materials. These designs can encompass various aspects such as the choice of wood type, panel layout, texture, finish, and overall aesthetic. The design can range from simple and functional to intricate and decorative, depending on your desired ambiance and style of the space.

CNC Partition Design

CNC partition design uses CNC to create partition structures. This technology cuts, carves, and engraves wood, metal, acrylic, and more precisely. CNC divider designs may be customized with sophisticated patterns, themes, and textures to meet your interior aesthetics.

Partition Door Design

A partition door design refers to the planning and arrangement of doors within a partition or dividing structure. These designs encompass various elements such as the type of door (e.g., swinging, sliding, folding), the material used, design aesthetics, hardware (handles, locks), and any additional features like glass inserts or panels.


In conclusion, Spacey Interior’s kitchen partition designs are great for separating the living and dining spaces. These designs bring practicality and aesthetics to the area. Contact Spacey Interior’s today to create your favorite partition designs.