Everyone would dream to have a beautiful and comfortable home. Once you have one, it becomes our priority to maintain and keep it fragrant fresh, and tidy every day. A good smell can make us feel good; even it can set our mood right? Sometimes, it is challenging to keep our home fresh and clean, especially when it becomes one of our main responsibilities in a modern lifestyle. Some strange smells can be very hard to get rid of, mainly in the kitchen. Here are tricks to maintain the home always fresh follows,

Arrange bed when you wake up morning: tricks to maintain the home always fresh

Once you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is arrange the bed. It will take only less than a minute to do, and it will automatically make your room look clean and spacious.

 Let in fresh air and light


A stagnant environment promotes air pollutants. An easy way to get fresh air inside our home is by opening the windows and doors. Open the windows and the curtains and let the fresh morning air and sunlight fill the home. The UV rays from the sunlight not only kill harmful microorganisms, but also evaporates moisture from the air and locks it in our furniture, carpets, and curtains. Allow the exchange of foul air with fresh outdoor air with sufficient ventilation. Take full advantage of it, it’s free of cost!

Make sure to do it regularly before beginning your daily routine. Well ventilated houses will look spacious and feel fresh always.

 Keep your kitchen always tidy

tidy kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen takes lots of time and energy. It is a common thing to remove the used vessels and wipe the counter after each use. If you clean the vessels manually then wash them ASAP instead of keeping them for later. If you are using a dishwasher, then keep on filling it. It will reduce your workload too. Use a disposable cover in dustbins in the kitchen. Keep a wiper handy so that you can clean the mess whenever you need it. Planning for kitchen renovation?

 Sanitize the devices

It never takes a long time. Take only five minutes and sanitize the remote controls and your phones. These two items can carry a lot of harmful germs because we’re constantly touching them with our hands.

 Follow a cleaning schedule

Don’t wait until your home gets messy to do a one-time cleaning. That is not the way to keep the home fresh all the time. If you want to keep your home clean and tidy always, you should clean it more often. Because of cleaning more often, it would take very little effort and time to complete your cleaning process. So, fix a cleaning schedule depending on your free time. Make a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning task and follow that schedule.

Use air-fresheners at home

It’s an important part when it comes to cleaning a house. Perk up your home interiors with some DIY or ready-made air fresheners. This will give you a fresh smell around your home which builds your mood. If you would like to go vocal for local, then you can use incense sticks, scented candles, Potpourri, etc. which are locally available air freshener products.

Grow Indoor plants that work like natural sanitizers


Spacey grows Indoor plants not only for looking good. They actually act as a natural air-cleanser. You can choose medicinal indoor plants such as aloe Vera, fern, ficus, snake plant, bamboo, and spider plant, etc.; those are superb options for removing air pollutants as well as for creating greenery indoors. Also, they can bring harmony to your home.

Spacey hopes that you have found these 7 tricks to maintain the home always fresh are useful and informative. Keeping home clean and fresh at all times may sound impossible at first; however, if you try the above-listed tricks and follow them as an everyday routine, then it will become much easier.