2BHK interior design costs in 2023

Analysis of 2BHK interior design costs:

The common man has been trying to live up to the latest societal standards. He wants a sophisticated home with the latest design technology and patterns. The technology world has been moving like a hurricane and everyone is part of this change. One of the changes is presenting a simple 2 BHk with excellence and innovation. Budget plays a crucial role while designing an interior design space. 2BHK interior design costs are always calculated based on the client’s expectations, as a client with different tastes and expectations. Interior Designers analyze the space and the fitting patterns. 

Factors deciding 2BHK interior designs:

Before designing any house a few factors are analyzed, which helps the designer to know the capacity of the space and aerial view of the space. Managing a vast place for designing is quite tough, but certain factors help to design a 2 BHK with utmost ease. These factors make the designer confident enough to carry on with designing the interiors of a 2 BHK. Here are the factors that matter to the 2BHK interior design cost in 2023 for a company like Spacey Interiors,


The size of the house is the major factor that a designer analyses. He decides the interior design costs for an 800 sq ft house to be less when compared to the cost of a 1200 sq ft house. Sometimes factors don’t change as the size of the house.


Evaluating a space for designing an exclusive interior is very important. Learning the importance of every small space in a2 BHK household. Also, the place where the apartment is located.

Design scope:

Design Scope is what a designer can space out in a residential area. If it is a 2 BHK, where can the cabinets be placed, and on what basis the house is looking elegant and spacious? Also, one more rule to be noted is that civil work or electrical work is hindered.


A few interior design projects are enhanced after the renovation of the property. It is never about designing a brand new house always. Old plumbing and electrical works are to analyze before a 2BHK Flat Designs.


Choose the best material and the most sought-after quality for better usage of the house. Only the best quality interiors can work for a longer period. Also, determine the budget price for every interior item that is required for the house. Enchanting materials and efficiency are what an interior designing firm needs to provide their customers.

Estimation of an interior design:

Usually designing interiors are vast job, where every part of the design is analyzed and the cost is estimated. The calculation of the 2 BHK interior design costs is an involved process. It is a lengthy process involving all the important requests and also the cost of every material in every aspect. The cost also includes the labor cost which is the most eligible cost required for interior design. The consultation cost is yet another cost that is included in the interior design cost.

Nowadays 2BHK Apartments are of various sizes, the minimum is around 600 sq ft and the maximum is almost about 1000 sq ft. So the living space is first calculated which is 10 % lesser than the overall size of the house. Every room of the house is covered separately and makes a full design view of the space.

The estimations vary from a simple interior design to a complicated high-level interior design. Let us have a look at a simple interior design estimation

An estimate for a simple interior design can be from 3 L to 5 L. If you want a high level fully modern interior design, then the budget is much higher like 6 L to 10 L. Sometimes the estimate crosses more than this mentioned amount.

Requirements for a 2BHK interior design:


The best quality furniture is one of the major requirements for designing the space. Every room requires a certain amount of furniture, for a simple design a piece of minimal furniture is required. Here are they


King size storage bed- ₹40,000- ₹65,000(Single bedroom)

Side table with drawers- ₹7000- ₹10000

Medium wardrobe(7’ in length and 9′ in height) -₹75000- ₹90000

Dressing unit- ₹7000 – ₹10000.

Kids/ guest bedroom:

Queen size storage bed – ₹25000-₹55000

Side table with drawers -₹7000-₹10000

Medium wardrobe(7’ in length and 9’ in height)- ₹75000-₹90000

Dressing unit(small) -₹5000-₹7000

Kitchen and dining:

Modular kitchen with latest laminations and new style shelf units and also channels-₹ 90,000 -₹1,00,000

Dining table with 4 chairs (wood or glass or steel)- ₹ 35000-₹ 45000

Other laminations and awesome wallpapers that match the furniture along with new decorative items- ₹ 15000

Living room:

Sofa Set(3 seaters and 2 single chairs )- ₹50000-₹75000

Centre table- ₹10000-₹12000

TVwall unit-₹15000-₹20000

End table-₹5000-₹7000

Bathroom accessories- ₹5000-₹7000.

Analyzing the estimate of interior design costs:

Every estimate given above has both a higher limit and a lower limit, just to showcase the materials and furniture are available at all rates. The total execution cost has a higher cost and a lower limit cost. The cost reaches from ₹700000 to ₹900000.

A few houses would prefer decorative items like wall hangings, heart pieces, carpets, and also candle stands much more to the house.

A false ceiling is also one of the extra designing that certain prefer to have in their homes. Bathrooms and restrooms have a false ceiling which has become the need of the hour. Curtain paneling is part of the design of the 2BHK interior design. It intensifies the beauty of the house.

A few interior designers estimate the interior design cost per sq ft capita. And also depending on the client’s expectation and also selecting the materials at a lower cost, quality should never be compromised.

Love for 2BHK interiors:

A 2 BHK Interior design cost is one of the common things that interior designers are currently performing. Every interior designer from Spacey Interiors is well versed in interior design services for 2BHK apartments and houses. It has been a mere necessity for everybody nowadays. Be it a simple design or a grand one, various aesthetics at important places of the house are analyzed and decided before designing a house. The interior designs are a huge advantage to a house and also estimation of the house is a client’s heart. 

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