5-unique partition designs

5 Unique and easy to Maintain Modern partition designs for your home

Open and wide interior designs give you a spacious feel to your home, but they will take away your privacy. Setting up rooms within a room with modern partition walls, open shelves, fabric dividers, and other unique ways can create an intimate atmosphere. They will give a visual and sometimes auditory isolation. But at the same time, you don’t want to construct a wall inside. Here are some unique ideas on how to divide a room with modern partition designs. Let’s bring in dividers that could still remain a sense of openness.

A room divider is the greatest option, as it allows you to divide the spaces such as the living area from the kitchen, dining space from the living space, or home office from the living room. These can happen without completely cutting off one room from the next. Here we explain 5 unique and easy-to-maintain modern partition designs for your home.

Let see the 5 unique and easy-to-maintain modern partition designs for your home…

Modern partition wall design #1: Partition design for storage and display

Setting up a room divider in order to make a wonderful display and for additional storage, purposes are one of the greatest ways to make the most available space in your small or large space. That will make your home look modern too.

You can use the following ideas to separate the living room from the kitchen or dining room without disturbing the style of any other rooms and allowing for an effortless transition between both spaces.

Modern partition wall design #2: Glass Divider Wall

This is one of the most stylish types of modern partition walls which can be used for both residential and commercial centers. Glass dividers can be designed either by glass sheets or glass blocks. You can see glass blocks in many places and they are more popular than glass sheets.

Glass blocks are light weighted and easy to construct with cement or lime. Glass partitions are easy to maintain. You can clean them easily with a dry or wet sponge or clothes. 

Modern partition wall design #3: Acrylic Divider Wall

Constructing an acrylic divider is one of the modern partition ideas which people would like. Acrylic dividers come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. You can use this partition to separate the dining space from the living room. Acrylic partitions are most commonly used in bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Modern partition wall design #4: Planters Divider Wall

Planter partition walls can enhance your home and office which gives a fresh look to the space. You can pick several planter divider designs that vary in patterns, materials, and colors. They are the perfect decor ideas for modern as well as for the traditional space.

Modern partition wall design #5: Metallic Divider Wall

Metallic dividers are currently trending which everyone starts considering as a room divider. The metallic partition walls are strong and ever-lasting. They come in various types and styles. These dividers are fireproof and strong enough to handle extreme force or pressure. Check out more details about bhk interior designing, Flat & Apartment interior designing, 

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